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Build Your Dream with Confidence: New Home Construction Inspections for Flawless Perfection

Why do you need a New Home Construction Inspection?

Why do you need a New Home Construction Inspection?

A New Home Construction Inspection safeguards against potential construction flaws in your newly built home. Even though it’s new, issues can arise. This inspection validates the quality of work, adherence to codes, and foundation strength. By identifying concerns early, you can hold builders accountable, ensure a secure investment, and embark on homeownership with confidence.

Elevate your new build's quality with our expert New Home Construction Inspection Services.

Common challenges we address:

  • Plumbing leaks

    During our meticulous New Home Construction Inspections, we identify potential leaks to ensure your new property maintains its integrity and remains free from water damage concerns.

  • Dishwashers that leak water all over the floor:

    Our vigilant New Construction Inspector in Haverhill, MA, scrutinizes all aspects of your home, including appliances like dishwashers, ensuring they function correctly and don’t pose risks such as water damage.

  • A failed tiled surround (leading to leaks through the ceiling below):

    Our comprehensive New House Building Inspection service closely examines critical areas like tiled surrounds to prevent scenarios where failures could lead to leaks affecting areas below.

  • Windows that unexpectedly crash down or have cracked glass:

    With the expertise of our New Construction Inspector in Haverhill, MA, we pinpoint issues like poorly installed windows with broken glass or dangerous situations where windows could unexpectedly crash down.

  • Dangerous electrical conditions:

    Electrical safety is paramount. In our thorough New Home Construction Inspections, we pinpoint and rectify hazardous electrical conditions, ensuring your new home is secure for your family.

  • Improperly built decks and stairs:

    Our skilled New Construction Inspector in Haverhill, MA, ensures that decks and stairs are correctly constructed, addressing any issues early to guarantee the safety and longevity of these features.

  • Poor grading and site drainage:

    Our careful New Home Construction Inspections assess grading and site drainage to prevent potential water accumulation issues, ensuring your property remains free from drainage-related problems.

  • Landscaping needing finishing and alterations:

    With the keen eye of our New Construction Inspector in Haverhill, MA, we identify landscaping areas that require attention, ensuring your property’s exterior is aesthetically appealing and functional.

  • High Radon levels (you need to test for elevated radon levels):

    Our diligent New Home Construction Inspections, performed with our experienced New Construction Inspector in Haverhill, MA, help uncover high radon levels, highlighting the importance of testing for a safe living environment.

Building Your Future on a Solid Foundation

Our Home Inspection for New Homes ensures your investment in a newly built property is met with quality and precision, setting the stage for a future of worry-free living. Our reliable approach makes our Home Inspection Cost for New Construction a great value.

  • Craftsmanship Validation:

    Verify that the construction adheres to quality standards.

  • Early Issue Detection:

    Catch potential problems before they become major headaches.

  • Code Compliance:

    Ensure the property meets local building regulations and codes.

  • Builder Accountability:

    Hold builders accountable for addressing any issues found.

  • Future Peace of Mind:

    Lay the groundwork for a secure and comfortable living space.

Why Choose Evergreen Home Inspection As Your Home Inspector

  • An inspector with 37 years of experience
  • An inspector who has renovated older homes and has hands-on experience
  • Member of the American Society of Home inspectors since 1986 (ASHI is the top professional organization for home inspectors)
  • Licensed and insured in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Fair Prices (not the cheapest but not the most expensive)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Online booking

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