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This is not something that you need to do every year – but you still need to do this periodically so that you will know where problems are developing or things are wearing out. A few of the concerns this covers includes:

This is a low cost inspection that is designed to save money by providing you with objective advice on home repairs and renovations. We are not there to sell you a new window, a new roof, or new siding!

  • How much life is left in the roof? (Do you want to get a roofer to answer this?)
  • What is causing water leaks into the home (is the roof failed or is it just a flashing leak?
  • Decay and damage on siding, porches, decks, stoops, etc. What are your options for dealing with this?
  • Window options: replace or renovate? Either option could be ‘right’, depending on their condition and your budget.
  • Do you have a termite problem? This inspection includes a ‘non-warrantied’ inspection that would normally cost $100+.
  • Identification of possible mold problems in the attic. How to deal with this.
  • Options and low cost measures to deal with basement water problems.
  • Suspect problems due to cracks, settlements, or poor performance.
  • What areas of the home should you be budgeting for repairs on.

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Our Inspection Services include:

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