The Ultimate Home Buyer's Handbook

The Ultimate Home Buyer's Handbook by Ernest A. Simpson - Evergreen Home Inspection

The Ultimate Home Buyer's Handbook

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Can you avoid many of the pitfalls when buying a single family home or condo?

I’ve written a book, just published in spring 2019, titled “The (Ultimate) Home Buyer’s Handbook, What no one tells you when buying a home”.This is now available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites and can be purchased as either an ebook or hardcopy (paperback). It can also be ordered through your local bookstore.

The Handbook is for those active in the market for a home – or just planning to enter the market in the next couple of years. While the Handbook should be of particular value to first time home buyers, even seasoned buyers will benefit from the information and advice it provides as this has not been covered by other books on buying a home.

For instance:

Chapter 14 covers Environmental problems you need to be aware of and how these issues typically ‘play out’ when present. This includes radon, asbestos, lead paint – but it also includes avoiding potential problems with carbon monoxide (including why having the standard CO testers may not fully protect you), electromagnetic radiation, cell towers, wind turbines, and other hazards.

Chapter 17 explains how to not get ‘burned’ by a failing septic system. I’ll review the ways these systems fail and what you can do to evaluate them. Important stuff if you are looking at a home with a private waste system.

Chapter 13 explains the many systems, structures, and concerns that the home inspection does not cover, including: the interior of chimney flues, pools, property concerns remote from the home, wood-boring insects, concealed insulation, concealed damage, zoning concerns, and much more.

Chapter 7’s topic, Making an offer: Tips and Strategies, includes a number of strategies you can use get your offer accepted, especially in a seller’s market

Chapter 12 covers Post inspection Negotiations. This explains the differences between what you can do in a seller’s market versus a neutral or buyer’s market. It’s important to understand when to negotiate and when not to, what types of items typically are subject to negotiation and which aren’t.

Chapter 15 explains mold and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues – plus strategies on how to deal with these.

Other chapters deal with new construction, financing, buying a mobile home, investment property, or vacation home; avoiding homes that will break your heart and your budget… and more.

Note: for those who use the services of Evergreen Building Consultants (formerly Evergreen Home Inspection), you can deduct the cost of the book from the cost of the inspection/consult.


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