Ben Yosua-Davis August 26, 2015

Author: Mock Webware |

Great house inspectors perform two tasks: they give you a thorough evaluation of the property and give you context so you can interpret their evaluation well.

Ernie does both tasks with a deep dedication to excellence, ruthless attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to the needs of his client. When we hired Ernie to do a house inspection for us, he spent nearly four hours in the property and provided with a thorough evaluation of the house’s assets and liabilities. Not only did he provide us with a report, but he talked with us afterwards so we could interpret what were urgent issues, what might have be done in terms of maintenance in the next twenty years, and what were simply cosmetic problems or preferential upgrades.

When we were getting contracting work two years later, we called him with additional questions. Not only did he take time to talk with us, he even offered to come back to the house to walk us through our questions firsthand.

I have never met an inspector more devoted to his craft and more attentive to his client.

If you choose Ernie, you will be nothing but satisfied with the results.