Haven't Had Your Home Inspected?

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If you haven’t had your home inspected in the last 5 years (or never had an inspection) you may be missing the following:

  • Knowing where repairs are needed now…
  • Identifying areas with damage and decay. (Plus low-cost options that may be applicable)
  • Finding out what needs to be done before you sell your home.
  • An objective, non-biased look at your roof… does it need replacement now - or can it wait a few years…what is its real expected life?
  • Cracks in walls. Do they indicate a serious problem, or are they just routine seam or stress cracks. How to deal with these
  • Non-biased advice on window replacement, roof replacement, heating and cooling options, electrical upgrades…
  • Preliminary evaluation of mold (but not mold testing which may not give you valid results)
  • Deck and stairs: improving safety and assessment of condition
  • Prioritizing repairs and renovations
  • FREE termite/wood boring insect inspection (normally $95) when done before May 15 …

Why do this inspection?

Homes age and develop problems – and no one takes the time to systematically examine their own home on a regular basis. When you do this, however, you may find numerous conditions that you need to deal with. Some issues may not need urgent attention, but they are things that you should do before you put your home on the market. Also, getting objective, professional advice on home improvements and repairs can save you a lot of money (as I am not there to sell you windows, siding, or a new roof).

What are few of the problems I’ve found recently when doing post-sale inspections?

Note: these were expensive, ‘nice’ properties.

  • mold problems in the attic
  • A beam in a newly rebuilt deck that was extensively decayed
  • Unsafe electrical conditions
  • dryer duct in attic leaking onto ceiling below
  • dangerous antique gas pipe in use
  • unsafe garage doors
  • unsafe stair conditions
  • decayed fascia
  • deteriorated chimney
  • and more…

What is covered in this inspection?

As a partial list:

  • roof surfaces
  • chimney (structure and flashing)
  • gutters
  • walkway problems
  • exterior stairs and safety
  • decks and porches
  • siding concerns and replacement options
  • mold and condensation problems
  • window problems
  • wall and ceiling cracks and water stains
  • corroding waste piping
  • corroding supply pipes or gate valves
  • electrical safety
  • stair safety
  • heating system concerns
  • ways to reduce water intrusion in basement

Why Evergreen Building Consultants?

You get an inspector who has been providing thorough, informative inspections for over 35 years. Conditions are explained as we go through the inspection. I offer a full satisfaction guarantee (if you are not happy with the inspection you don’t have to pay).

The cost? Far less than a Pre-Purchase inspection. Normally $495, just $295* if done before July 1.

Call 978 373-1390 or email esimpson@evergreenhomeinspection.com for an appointment…

*Additional charges apply for homes at distance from my office, crawlspaces, inspections over two hours, homes over 2600 SF, written report. Radon testing is optional and carries additional fees.