Why do a home inspection on a home you already own?

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Recently I’ve been doing more and more home inspections for both new homeowners and those who have owned their home for some time. If you are a new homeowner, you may be ‘In the same boat’ as the roughly 50 to 70 percent of home buyers over the last year who did not have a home inspection in order to get your offer accepted.

But now that you’ve moved in, here are a few things you may want to know about your new home so you can sleep at night.

  • Are their hidden defects inside the electrical panel you should know about?
  • Is your ‘older’ roof really capable of providing additional life?  Should you budget for replacement now or in five years?  (Note:  I have no interest in selling you a new roof (or other improvements) so ALL of my advice is for your benefit only.  I try to provide the range of options you may have for dealing with repairs and renovations, including low cost options that you may get elsewhere). 
  • Do you have mold problems in the attic? In the Basement… Crawlspace?
  • Are your electrical outlets properly wired?
  • What new code requirements for electrical outlets will increase safety?
  • Is your plumbing showing signs of corrosion? What should be the time frame for replacing older piping?
  • What is the age of your water heater? How can you increase the hot water flows while preventing scalding hazards?
  • Has anyone looked at your oil tank recently? Warning: many older tanks are still in use, but they do have a finite life.
  • Should you replace your heating system? Hint: this can make sense in some cases but it very often isn’t warranted.
  • What are the pluses and minuses of the new, high efficiency systems?
  • What are your options for cooling, ranging from the simple, inexpensive things you can do to adding central air conditioning?
  • What are your low-cost ways to limit water intrusion into the basement?
  • Do your sills and framing show termite damage?
  • Why do you have excessive condensation on your windows and skylights?
  • What should you do about old, worn-out, or malfunctioning windows? What are the good reasons to replace windows – and the reasons why you should keep them.

These are just a few of the ways a properly done home inspection can make your home safer, healthier, and less prone to unexpected expenses.

As a home inspector for the last 37 years (don’t worry, I’m not old and decrepit yet!), I now offer special Post Sale and HomeOwner Inspections at a reduced rate from our PrePurchase Inspections. (Part of the saving is because we don’t have to offer the long, detailed, ‘over the top’ report that PrePurchase Inspections require). Please call my office at 978 373-1390 for more information or to schedule an inspection. Also feel free to visit my website at evergreenhomeinspection.com for more information on my services (More information on Post Sale inspections will be included shortly).

I look forward to meeting you.


Ernie Simpson

Evergreen Building Consultants