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Certified Home Inspector Haverhill

Peace of Mind through Comprehensive Inspections

We ensure your peace of mind by conducting thorough and certified home inspections. Our detailed assessments uncover hidden issues, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your property's condition. Whether you're buying a new home or maintaining your existing one, we've got you covered.

“Ernie did the home inspection for my 20 years old home . He is a expert and very professional in his job. He won’t rush through the home inspection. he will answers all your questions post inspection and also will help you understand the gravity of the fix. Ernie has saved me thousands of dollars. If you plan to inspect old homes i would recommend him. Even though he is a bit pricey but its worth every penny”.

- Vivek A, Chelmsford, Ma.

Certified Home Inspector Haverhill

Empowering Smart Choices in Real Estate

Our certified home inspectors provide the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions in the real estate market. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate the home-buying process, ensuring your investment aligns with your vision and needs.

“We are first-time home buyers and were extremely happy that we went with Ernie at Evergreen Home Inspections. He provided a thorough inspection, giving detailed but understandable explanations along the way. He got into all the tight spaces and explained everything both good and bad with our prospective home. We had a radon test done and since we were local he even offered to do the pick up of the kit for us for no additional charge. Very highly recommended”.

- Antonio Haverhill, Ma.

Certified Home Inspector Haverhill

Unraveling the Potential of Your Home

Discover the true potential of your home with Evergreen Home Inspection. Our expert team assists homeowners in recognizing opportunities for improvement, enhancing the value and comfort of their living spaces.

“Ernie is a pro’s pro. He walks you through the inspection as he does it, provides great home owning tips, and is great at locating potential issues in your future home. Having been through the process of buying a home twice with Ernie, I can say without a doubt he misses nothing and provides great insight about the home. Last, I just think that Ernie cared about me and my family being in a safe and happy home.

- Mark S.

I just wrote the book that can save your butt when buying a home

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Handbook

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The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Handbook is different from other books on buying a home. Many of the other books are very good, but no one has written one that tells you how to look out for your own interests throughout the home-buying process – from making the decision whether to buy, where to buy, what types of areas and homes to avoid, how and when to negotiate most effectively, and how to evaluate the many concerns and problems that can make your home buying experience – if not a nightmare – a less than optimal experience. This is what the Home Buyer’s Handbook attempts to do. The chapters on mold, environmental hazards in homes, septic systems, water quality, and wells, in my opinion, are especially important – and this information is not presented in other books on buying a home. (Actually, most of the material in the Handbook IS NOT covered in other books on buying a home).