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Having a good inspection is ‘nice’, having a great inspection is what you should be looking for… read on…

  1. You are about to make the largest financial decision of your life. Shouldn’t you be looking for the best deal (in your price range), the right house that meets your 1 needs and wants, the best real estate advice – and just as important:
    the best possible home inspection???
  2. A thorough, properly done inspection can save you $1000’s and sometimes tens of thousands in repair and renovation costs. Why would you choose to save $50 1 or $100 and get an inspector who is less experienced, takes less time, and is not committed to your satisfaction?

Older homes can be great – or money pits – you need to know the difference

Older – and especially antique – homes may require an inspector who has inspected several thousand of them to date – and has experience with renovations and improvements. You also want guidance on issues such as replacing older windows. Do you repair and renovate and replace (depending on the condition of the windows, either could be the right choice).

Evergreen Home Inspection serves Home Buyers and Home Owners, Attorneys, and the Real Estate Community across Haverhill, Merrimack Valley, Andover, Salem, Peabody, Boston, Medford, and Reading.
Our Inspection Services include: Pre-Purchase Inspections | Seller’s Or Pre-listing Inspection | New Construction Inspections | Testing for Elevated Levels of Radon Gas | WDO/Termite Inspection | Testing Well Water | Homeowner's Inspections And Consultations

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Why Choose Evergreen Home Inspection As Your Home Inspector
  • An inspector with 37 years of experience
  • An inspector who has renovated older homes and has hands-on experience
  • Member of the American Society of Home inspectors since 1986 (ASHI is the top professional organization for home inspectors)
  • Licensed and insured in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Fair Prices (not the cheapest but not the most expensive)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Online booking

I just wrote the book that can save your butt when buying a home

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Handbook

Available on Amazon, select bookstores and FREE with a home inspection….

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Handbook is different from other books on buying a home. Many of the other books are very good, but no one has written one that tells you how to look out for your own interests throughout the home-buying process – from making the decision whether to buy, where to buy, what types of areas and homes to avoid, how and when to negotiate most effectively, and how to evaluate the many concerns and problems that can make your home buying experience – if not a nightmare – a less than optimal experience. This is what the Home Buyer’s Handbook attempts to do. The chapters on mold, environmental hazards in homes, septic systems, water quality, and wells, in my opinion, are especially important – and this information is not presented in other books on buying a home. (Actually, most of the material in the Handbook IS NOT covered in other books on buying a home).

Why Inspect New Homes?

A few of the problems we have encountered with new construction (and this includes home’s being flipped’)

  • Windows that don’t open and close properly.
  • Plumbing leaks at sinks and whirlpool units
  • Dishwashers improperly connected (so water pours out onto the floor)
  • Improperly wired electrical outlets.
  • Poor grading and drainage
  • No gutters, where needed
  • Decks not built to current safety standards
  • Uncompleted work.
  • Paint blemishes on walls and ceilings
  • RADON TESTING (The highest level of radon I’ve ever seen was on an expensive, brand new home). No one tells buyers of new homes that they need to test for radon.
The book that I wrote to help home buyers make the right decisions (free with an inspection).
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    We inspect homes from 800 to 8000 square feet (and larger).  We do this with the same care you would want from any professional service.

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Ernie and his assistant were great and incredibly thorough! Since this was our first home buying experience, we were less knowledgeable and unsure of what to expect. Ernie made us feel comfortable, kept us well-informed and answered any questions that we had throughout the inspection. We felt confident that the information he was providing was top-notch! His fee was very fairly priced and well worth the amazing job he did. We would definitely use Ernie’s services in the future!
Ernie braved a nor’easter to do our home inspection with us! From beginning to end, Ernie was professional, engaging, thorough, knowledgeable and made the process enjoyable. He answered all of our many questions with patience and helped us know what we are taking on in the home we are purchasing. The written report was above and beyond our expectations– we feel like we know how to care for our new property well with the report we have received. We couldn’t have asked for a better home inspection experience!
Ernie was extremely thorough and explained his inspection and answered our questions throughout the entire 4 hour process. We could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with a very honest assessment of the home. We ended up purchasing the home with the impression that we knew everything that would need to be fixed and would not have any unpleasant surprises once we move in.
Ernie did two home inspections for me. His thorough inspection on the first house we put an offer on was eye opening and was the reason we decided not to proceed. Because he hadn’t fully finished the report yet by the time we backed out, he ended up giving us a discount on the next inspection. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful, and was entertaining for a 3 hour session. He’s also very honest and fully welcomes questions during and after the inspection. I would highly recommend him and if we ever go through purchasing another home again, he will be the first person I call.